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Ultra 75 kilometers

The “small” ultra of the Canfranc-Canfranc!

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Technical details

Izas Outdoor
75 kilometers
Izas Outdoor
Elevation gain
6.500 meters
Izas Outdoor
Maximun bib number
200 runners
Izas Outdoor
Time limit
29 hours


Your heart will beat like this in the first climb. A constant up and downhill is the fastest way of going through the valleys for which this race takes place. Is the way to know Canfranc in the maximum time of 30 hours. There are peaks and valleys joined one after another until the end of the race, where the key is to reach the kilometer 68 with enough strenght when starts the last downhill.


General information

The “small” ultra of the Canfranc-Canfranc would be a race itself in many other places. With its 6500 meters of positive cumulaltive gain it is a highly alpine ultra for all those runners that do not dare with the Ultra 100km, but want to go through its valleys, peaks and lakes. Its 30 hours gives to the trail runners a breath for begining their journey in this type of races.

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The Ultra 75km stars with 1500 meters of positive cumulative gain in barely 6 linear kilometers until it reaches La Moleta peak at 2572 meters of altitude. From this point it goes through Porron, Vertice de Anayet, Larraca and Aspe peaks and pass through the Ip, Canal Roya, Astún and Aspe valleys. However, the top of the race will be reached by all trail runners at the kilometer 65, at Aspe summit, with 2645 meters of altitude.

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